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This list no longer active

Hello all,

As of this email, the list [hidden email] is no longer
active. Please update your contact list to use the new list at
[hidden email].

If your subscription has been successfully moved to the new list, you
should have received an email a few minutes prior to this one with the
subject "[Matterhorn] Welcome to the new developers list". If you did
not receive that email, please visit the Matterhorn group main page to
manage your subscription -!forum/matterhorn.

Note that if you have any trouble posting to the new list, there may be
a problem with your subscription. Some email addresses that are managed
through Google Apps may not be allowed to be subscribed to a Google
Group under another domain ( is an example, unfortunately).
If this affects you, you can ask your group administrator to enable
groups, or you can subscribe using a different Google account not
associated with that domain.

Please post to [hidden email] any concerns or barriers to using
the new list. Your feedback will be helpful as we plan to move the
remaining lists next week.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Michelle Ziegmann PMP
Technical Project Manager
Educational Technology Services
University of California Berkeley

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