[Opencast] Bridging the Dev-Ops gap

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[Opencast] Bridging the Dev-Ops gap

Hey there,
I would like to make a couple of suggestions (or at the very least start a discussion) in order to improve the collaboration between the technical members of the Opencast Matterhorn community. Particularly between the Developers contributing to the code base and the Operations folks (aka syadmin,syseng,sysops,network admin,Educational Technology specialist, etc.) that in some way or another are involved  in "running" Matterhorn.

The main goal is to identify a structure that we can all agree upon and then implement it, step-by-step.

#1 Rename the "dev meeting"
Currently all the community members that are interested in the more technical aspects of Matterhorn are welcome to this meeting _not_ just the developers committing to the code base; why not then reflect that fact in the name of the meeting itself? It would be a minor change but a clear statement by the community to bring all technical folks, of all skill sets, together once a week. The point here is to break the traditional silos operations and developers find themselves in, thus creating an "ops meeting" seems like an anti-pattern to avoid, let's first get everybody together then we can break into working groups maybe...
If you haven't heard about the "DevOps" movement please do yourself a favor by watching at least the first 5 min of this Interview of John Allspaw http://continuousdelivery.com/2012/09/john-allspaw-discusses-devops/
This suggestion isn't so much about the new name itself than it is about the change from the current name, that said I have a couple candidates that I've come up with.
candidate 1: Open Technical Discussion
candidate 2: DevOps Meeting
I think what we want to capture in the name is its openness and so I have a personal preference to candidate #1.

#2 Dedicated "Folksonomy" tagging in Jira: operations
First of all I would like to invite all members of the community who haven't done it yet to open an opencast jira account, the focus of this suggestion would be for the ops people to follow the "folksonomy" tagging with "operations". Of course this tag is open for anybody to use but making this folksonomy tagging the standard would be quite helpful to track "operations" feedback in a single place. Jira tickets tagged with operations could then be leveraged across all communication channels, including the Matterhorn roadmap.

We (as in Entwine) have started using the "operations" tag, and we'll keep adding content, here is what search with that filter currently produces [1].

One of the great benefits I see in putting this collaborative structure in place is the opportunity it creates to gather metrics about the community efforts into making Matterhorn more operational. For example, thanks to the "operations" Jira tag we would be able to track the involvement of the community in providing "operational" feedback and we could also see the number of resolved "operations" ticket through a period of time, per releases, etc.

[1] http://opencast.jira.com/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=project+%3D+10010+AND+cf%5B10040%5D+%3D+operations

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