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[Matterhorn-users] This list no longer active

Hello all,

As of this email, the list [hidden email] is no
longer active. Please update your contact list to use the new list at
[hidden email].

If your subscription has been successfully moved to the new list, you
should have received an email a few minutes prior to this one with the
subject "[Matterhorn-Users] Welcome to the new developers list". If you
did not receive that email, please visit the Matterhorn-Users group main
page to manage your subscription -

Note that if you have any trouble posting to the new list, there may be
a problem with your subscription. Some email addresses that are managed
through Google Apps may not be allowed to be subscribed to a Google
Group under another domain (@berkeley.edu is an example, unfortunately).
If this affects you, you can ask your group administrator to enable
groups, or you can subscribe using a different Google account not
associated with that domain.

Please post to [hidden email] any concerns or barriers to
using the new list.


Michelle Ziegmann PMP
Educational Technology Services
University of California Berkeley

Mobile: 510-502-3217
Skype: michellezee

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