[Matterhorn-users] Migration of Opencast mailing lists to Google Apps/Groups

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[Matterhorn-users] Migration of Opencast mailing lists to Google Apps/Groups

NOTICE: This mailing list will be migrated to Google tomorrow.

Last week, we successfully moved the Matterhorn developers list over to our new Google Groups service. This week, we'll complete the migration by moving [hidden email] to [hidden email] and [hidden email] to [hidden email].

Beginning tomorrow at around 3pm Pacific time, I will start subscribing all current members of these 2 groups to the new group in Google. I expect you'll receive email notifications that you have been subscribed. After that is complete, I will disable the old lists and add an auto-reply message pointing to the new list. I will send an email to both lists after the migration is complete.

Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Thank you!

From: Michelle Ziegmann [hidden email]
Date: November 26, 2012 11:36 AM
To: [hidden email], [hidden email], Opencast Matterhorn [hidden email]
Subject: [Matterhorn-users] Migration of Opencast's mailing lists to Google Apps/Groups
Hello everyone - sorry to cross-post, but this proposal concerns all Opencast mailing lists.

The Opencast board and Matterhorn committers have been piloting the use of the service Google Groups for Business under a Google Apps Opencast instance. Finding the service to work very well - with the exception of 1 known issue (see below) - we would like to proceed and migrate all of Opencast's mailing lists to this new service beginning in December.

The benefits gained from moving to Google Apps for our mailing lists are:
- No organization needs to maintain a mailing list server, or contribute a systems administrator to maintain it (this has been an issue)
- Better list management tools and features, improved spam control (makes Michelle happy)
- Ability for users to create and subscribe to a single thread, as opposed to having to join a list in order to ask a question (the requirement to subscribe to a list in order to ask a support question is a barrier for some)
- Ability for users to respond to old posts (people try to do this frequently through Nabble, but it doesn't usually work)
- Integrated mailing list and archive (the Nabble archive confuses several people each week)

Known Issue: If your email address is managed under a different instance of Google Apps, you may not be able to subscribe to an Opencast mailing list with that email address. For example, @berkeley.edu email is now managed through Google Apps, and I cannot subscribe [hidden email] to an Opencast mailing list on Google. I believe this is because Berkeley has not enabled Google Groups in their Google instance (I can subscribe with a different Google-managed email address in which Groups has been enabled), so not all Google-managed email addresses may experience this problem. The workaround is to subscribe under a different email address or ask your Google Apps administrators to enable Groups.

The other big change you should be aware of is that the domain name for the mailing lists will change. We have been slowly moving away from our original opencastproject.org domain toward the more recently acquired opencast.org, since Opencast is more than a single project. So
[hidden email] will become [hidden email]. Less typing is a good thing, but will take some time before we all get our autocompletes updated.

The migration effort will involve setting up the mailing lists and adding all current mailing list subscribers to the Google groups. The old mailing lists will remain active for some time during the transition, but will include a reminder to discontinue using the old lists. We could possibly also set up old posts to forward to the new list automatically. Any suggestions for a smoother transition are appreciated. At some point, we also need to consider what to do about the old Nabble archives. We will start building a new archive in our Google instance, so Nabble will soon become irrelevant, redundant and confusing to keep around - a discussion for another day though I think.

If you have any concerns or comments about the migration to Google Apps/Google Groups, please let us know ASAP. I hope to initiate the migration effort during the month of December, as long as there are no concerns raised by the community.


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